Chub Hub Rear

$ 230.00

Brand Chub

The Chub Fixed is made up of two oversized aluminum flanges bonded to a massive carbon shell. It rolls on sealed cartridge bearings and employs an alloy 15mm thru axle bolted to the frame by custom Titanium M10 bolts.

As compared to a typical high flange fixed gear hub using the same spoke count, rim, and build method, the Chub Fixed decreases peak spoke stress under pedaling loads by a staggering 70 percent! Reducing peak spoke stress means your wheels wind up less, accelerate faster, and won’t blow up.


Intended UseRoad, Track, and paved road racing and training.

Flange Material EXA+ Aluminum
flange drilling 24 or 32
shell material EXA+ flanges bonded to carbon fiber shell
Axle Width 120 or 130mm
axle standard n/a
axle material  EXA+ Aluminum
Bolts titanium m10
disc standard n/a
Gear Threading 1.375 x 24 tpi
colors silver, blackout
weight 296 g