Essor Tri-Spoke Front Wheel

$ 899.00

Brand Essor

The ultra-aerodynamic Essor Tri-Spoke Wheel features a 66mm deep rim with a 23mm wide outside. Our valve is located between blades for easy inflation (no valve-extender needed).
No rim tape need for extra weight savings. Sealed cartage bearings. Essor USA full 66mm rim without the added mass of a bonded faring.

Front Wheel: ~970g
Rear Wheel: ~ 1130g


[Q] What is the hub spacing on the bicycles? 

[A] The front and rear spacing on our bicycles is 110mm and 120mm, respectively.


[Q] When will I receive my wheel(s)? 

[A] We ship several times per week. Tracking numbers will be provided at shipment.