Spot Brand ACME - Uptown Grey

$ 2,300.00

Brand Spot Brand

The Joy of High Performance

It’s no secret that the hunched-over geometry of road bikes alienates many cyclists. Enter the Acme, a city bike that hums along at road speeds while also allowing you to actually enjoy the ride. Think of it as a Mercedes on two wheels. The Acme is lighter and faster than most city bikes, which means you get to work on time with ease. It features the most advanced, reliable—and clean--drivetrain on the market: a sealed 11 speed shifter mated to a smooth and strong belt drive. Let’s face it: chains and derailleurs are a greasy time suck, and time is money for cyclists on the go. And like a high-performance European sedan, the frame’s gently swooping curves convey understated elegance. Acme means “highest,” and this bike is the apex of modern urban riding: a finely tuned mix of precision engineering, style, innovation and speed. Rediscover the joy of cycling. AVAILABLE in shops now.


Gates CenterTrack: Next generation Carbon Drive System. Unique, super-strong, carbon-reinforced polyurethane system that requires no lube and provides a nearly silent ride. CenterTrack is stronger, lighter, more compact, and better at shedding debris than the prior Gates systems.

Shimano Alfine 11-Speed Internally Geared Hub: 

Super-high quality with simple shifting and low maintenance providing a 409% gear range.

Classic Steel Frame and Fork:

Legendary smooth and responsive ride of steel.

Hydration Friendly: 

Water bottle mounts on down tube and seat tube.

Urban RocketSled Geometry: 

Cruise with your head up and pass on the left.

Fender and Rack Mounts: 

Frame and fork accommodate full fenders and racks, for urban versatility and utility