Spot Brand Ajax - Helicopter Black

$ 1,900.00

Brand Spot Brand

An Urban Ninja

Shhhh. What was that? Ajax moves through the city with stealth and speed, an urban ninja in matte black. Wired bestowed the Ajax with a Gear of the Year award and called it their “favorite urban velocipede we tested this year;” lofty praise from the oracles of innovation. At the heart of this bike’s performance is its new-school drivetrain: an eight-speed Alfine internal hub and super-smooth belt drive that slices through the city like a shinobi in the night. A favorite of tech-heads and entrepreneurs from Palo Alto to Brooklyn, the Ajax delivers across the metrics that matter: performance, engineering and, with many of the same high-end features as our Acme, value. Alas, even urban ninjas must complete the mission on budget. AVAILABLE in shops now.


Gates CenterTrack: Next generation Carbon Drive System. Unique, super-strong, carbon-reinforced polyurethane system that requires no lube and provides a nearly silent ride. CenterTrack is stronger, lighter, more compact, and better at shedding debris than the prior Gates systems.

Shimano Alfine 8-Speed Internally Geared Hub: 

Super-high quality with simple shifting and low maintenance providing a 307% gear range.

Classic Steel Frame and Fork:

Legendary smooth and responsive ride of steel.

Hydration Friendly: 

Water bottle mounts on down tube and seat tube.

Urban RocketSled Geometry: 

Cruise with your head up and pass on the left.

Fender and Rack Mounts: 

Frame and fork accommodate full fenders and racks, for urban versatility and utility.